2019 Ford Ecosport SUV Recurring Powertrain Issues

In recent months, a slew of customer concerns regarding upsetting powertrain issues in the 2019 Ford Ecosport SUV have been reported. Descriptions of loud, concerning noises coming from the engine have arisen, as have reports of sudden and inexplicable acceleration when the vehicle is in motion. Unfortunately, many customers report that they have been unable […]

2020 Ford Ecosport SUV Braking Issues

Ford customers who own or lease the 2020 Ford Ecosport SUV may find themselves struggling with any number of braking system issues. Although the manufacturer has issued one safety recall affecting this make and model, it pertains to air bag issues and does not address braking problems. For now, those who owner or lease this […]

2018 Ford Ecosport SUV Engine Malfunctions

Ford customers who drive the 2018 Ford Ecosport SUV should be aware that several consumer complaints about a number of engine problems have steadily been reported. Engines that stall, shut down, or even catch fire have all been reported by concerned customers. Ford has issued a recall that affects this vehicle, but it does not […]