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Excellent Attorney

As a business owner, I have dealt with many attorneys, but never seen a such a nice person like Mr. Obolsky. Arthur resolved one of our case, then we had another issue from a dealer who had deceived us by selling us a car that had been in an accident but made us signed the docs, by stating it was only a small issue. Case was very complicated but Thanks to Arthur for doing such a great job. He was very informative and was quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. He always kept us informed of what was going on with our case. The process was painless and payment was prompt. Again, Thank you very much for your precious time that you had spent with us anytime we had any questions/concerns.


Lemon Law Win

We had a terrible experience with our convertible car top. After something like 8 unsuccessful repair attempts in a year, this reputable German luxury auto dealer/mfg literally just blew us off. Unbelievable. All we wanted was our car fixed. After all that and out of principle, we decided to retain an attorney. After researching local attorneys with real lemon law experience/wins, we retained Anthony Sperber and Arthur Obolsky. No promises that it would be easy, or would be a slam dunk. It ended up being easy. Our case was solid, and our attorneys handled the case flawlessly. A bit of a wait after filing and then movement. Mercedes went back and forth with scant offers until they finally agreed to buy the car back, cover all qualifying ownership costs, attorney fee’s etc. Awesome. Arthur/Anthony got us everything we asked for and made it as stress free as possible. I found the way that they handled the case, our questions, provided helpful opinions/input, all helped to make it a “pleasurable” experience. I highly recommend these attorneys.


Two thumbs up for Arthur J. Obolsky!

Arthur was VERY informative and was quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. He always kept me apprised of what was going on with my case. His council was just what we needed to win this case! The process was painless and payment was prompt. Thanks, again, Arthur, for helping my mother and I win our “lemon” case!



Arthur treated my case with care, he broke down the case and explained everything he was doing. He sent me prompt communication about my case and got me a positive settlement. I would recommend him to family and friends. He even gave me updates on weekends via email and by phone. It was a pleasure working with him, especially because my case was fairly stressful. Thanks for everything Arthur!


Went above and beyond to help me

Mr. Sperber was so helpful! He talked at length to me, multiple times about my difficult situation and provided much assistance about possible options. I ended up not needing an attorney yet, but if I do, it will definitely be him. He was very compassionate and empathetic. If you are seeking an enthusiastic, knowledgeable lawyer that will fight for you, he is your guy!


This is THE lawyer.

As a woman I was frauded by a group of guys at Smythe Mercedes in San Jose. Arthur not only “got” that sensitively but he treated me with the respect of one intelligent person to the other. This guy is a topnotch lawyer and he wastes no time getting right to the bottom line. I value his expertise and will use his expertise again.


Great attorney

Arthur is not just a knowledgeable attorney, he’s an all-around great guy. I have known him for years as a both a friend and a professional, and he is truly passionate about the work that he does. I trust his advice and would most certainly recommend him to others.


Diligent detail oriented highly skilled lawyer

I generally do not trust lawyers, there is just something about the relationship that makes me uneasy, but Arthur was just different. It’s clear that he goes the extra mile to keep clients informed of case progress, and he always finds answers to whatever question you may have. I always felt like I could call Mr. Obolsky with any of my concerns or questions about my case. I always felt that I was in good hands. I would definitely recommend Mr. Obolsky, and would hire him again should the need arise.


Tremendous lawyer

Anthony was a godsend to us during a tough time. He handled our case with serious smarts and strategy and won us justice in the end. He was also very reassuring and supportive during a difficult time, and we’re grateful for his help.


Immediate Response, Sage Advice

Mr. Sperber replied to my email very quickly and within 10 minutes of a phone call he had given me better advice than I ever expected. If I need further help, I would certainly look to Mr. Sperber.


My case

Anthony is the BEST Lawyer I have ever had. He handled my case very well and got a good settlement.He is very knowledgeble in his field, progressive, smart with strategies, understand and respects the opposing party, good negiotiater, well under control in all situations of the case, articulate and works very hard.


Legal Help

Mr. Sperber is the most knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer I know. He communicates with his clients in a consistent time frame that lets you know that even during the slow times of the case he is still working your case. He is also the most honest lawyer I know as well.


Happy & Satisfied Customer

I’m happy to write a review for Lemon Law Partners (LLP). I had a Ford Focus that had ongoing transmission problems. Eventually it began overheating. Ford would repair the car but it would end up back in the shop after time. I spoke to several lawyers I knew and they had words of praise for LLP. I called and talked to them myself and I felt I could trust them with my claim against Ford. I submitted my paperwork to LLP and they kept me posted as the case progressed. I never had to go to court. Eventually I got information about what Ford was offering to settle the case. I discussed it with my wife and the LLP staff and we decided it was a great settlement that was very fair. I know I could not have done so well on my own. I never wanted to file a claim, but in the end LLP made the process very simple. I am very happy to recommend LLP for your Lemon Law claim. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.


Excellent Experience

My experience with the Lemon Law Partners was excellent! The outcome of my case was better than I expected. Arthur (my attorney) explained what I should expect during the process and things went pretty much as he stated. It took a little longer than I had hoped but was worth the wait.I would recommend this firm.


Very happy with the outcome!

I had received many notices from many different lemon law firms saying I may own a lemon but I never thought much of it and most of them ended up in the trash. I really thought nobody ever wins those things so why bother. After having ongoing problems with my Ford Fiesta and doing a lot of research online about the transmission issue, I decided I might as well give it a shot and see what Lemon Law Partners thought. I did in fact have a case and decided to proceed. I was told from the start that my case could take longer because I started later than usual so I knew it may be a long process, I was never promised a quick outcome but was told they would do what they could to resolve things as soon as possible, that’s just so much more honest. They were always very responsive when I would check in on the status of my case and any questions that I had were always answered in a timely manner. In the end I did get a settlement that I was satisfied with. I’m glad I went with Lemon Law Partners and I am very happy with the outcome but hope I never have to use them again since hopefully I won’t ever be driving another lemon.


Make lemonade out of lemons!

Arthur with Lemon Law Partners was professional, easy to work with, and explained clearly the options I had as a frustrated lemon owner. Hiring an attorney was a last option but a forced hand. Once the manufactuer received letters of demand from Lemon Law Partners the issue was resolved very quickly. Lemon Law Partners, thank you for doing your best to make lemonade out of lemons. Keep up the good work!


Highly Recommended

We had a Ford Focus which had many problems starting the day we purchased it and the air conditioner didn’t work so we immediately had repair issues. After that it was one problem after another resulting in the car being in the shop, Ford dealership, many many times. When we received a letter from the Lemon Law Partners we inquired for information on what would transpire. We kept good records of every problem and submitted everything to their office. They used everything we submitted to prove to Ford that we had a “lemon”. After many months the Lemon Law Partners won our case and we were reimbursed the cost of the car, interest, inconvenience and any expenses we incurred. We were able to buy a brand new car paying cash thanks to the diligent work of the Lemon Law Partners. I would recommend them to anyone having “Lemon” issues with a vehicle.


We won!!

I was receiving tons of letters from Lemon Law attorneys. I looked at several of the letters but this firm caught my eye. I decided to check their reviews and all the reviews were very positive. So, I decided to call this firm. I was first connected to Alvaro, who told me to send all the paperwork i accumulated from the work done to my car, recalls, transmition issues, the list goes one. Once he received my paperwork, he contacted me right away and was told they would take my case. I purchased my car in Los Angeles, CA and had relocated to Atlanta, GA. All correspondence and communication was done over the phone and email. I never met my attorney, Arthur Obolsky. I like knowing whom I’m dealing with in person and it’s hard to trust that attorney’s will come through based on my previous experience. Arthur Obolsky, Arturo and his whole team did not disappoint!!!They answered every call, every email and my concerns with immediacy. I got the call from Arthur that we won the settlement and I was shocked! No one ever really believes that they can win a lemon law settlement but with the right attorney that specializes in these kind of cases, it’s possible!!! I can’t express enough how thankful and pleased I was with my experience with Arthur and his team. Highly recommend Lemon Law Partners.