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2020 Ford Ecosport SUV Braking Issues

Ford customers who own or lease the 2020 Ford Ecosport SUV may find themselves struggling with any number of braking system issues. Although the manufacturer has issued one safety recall affecting this make and model, it pertains to air bag issues and does not address braking problems. For now, those who owner or lease this vehicle are left without clear answers or lasting fixes to these persistent issues.

According to a Ford customer who drives a 2020 Ford Ecosport SUV, depressing the brake pedal resulted in abnormal grinding sounds on multiple occasions. When the customer took the vehicle to the dealer, the brake drum and plate were replaced. However, the issue continued to occur. Subsequent visits to the dealer have been unsuccessful so far. Reports of similar braking system issues continue to arise, but the manufacturer has not taken steps to look into or find solutions to these braking problems.

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