2019 Ford Ecosport SUV Recurring Powertrain Issues

In recent months, a slew of customer concerns regarding upsetting powertrain issues in the 2019 Ford Ecosport SUV have been reported. Descriptions of loud, concerning noises coming from the engine have arisen, as have reports of sudden and inexplicable acceleration when the vehicle is in motion. Unfortunately, many customers report that they have been unable to obtain lasting solutions to these powertrain and engine issues, even after repeated trips to the dealership.

One driver of a 2019 Ford Ecosport SUV reported that he has had to replace the transmission three times since leasing the car for various issues. Other drivers have described sudden and concerning noises emanating from the transmission when the vehicle attempts to change gears, sometimes causing the SUV to lag, struggle, or lose power, So far, the manufacturer has announced one safety campaign impacting this make and model, leaving many worried customers without the answers and permanent fixes they need to feel safe on the road once again.

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