Lemon Lawyer for Defective “Certified” Used Cars Under Warranty

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As consumers, we expect that the products we purchase have passed all necessary safety tests and that they will operate as they should. Unfortunately, errors made during the manufacturing or assembly process can leave us with defective products that may even threaten our safety. Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment, and finding out that the car, truck, motorcycle, or RV you just bought is defective can be extremely frustrating. Suddenly, you find yourself spending your valuable time going in and out of auto repair shops. If the manufacturer is refusing to acknowledge your concerns, it's time to enlist the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable lemon law attorney to help you understand your options.

The dedicated and friendly attorneys at Lemon Law Partners, LLP, have helped hundreds of consumers resolve their lemon law cases and obtain the refunds or replacement vehicles owed to them under California lemon laws. Our lawyers are fluent in California lemon laws, and we will do what it takes to hold the manufacturers responsible for their failures to provide you with the safe and functional vehicles you deserve. We can help you understand your rights as a consumer under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and guide you through the process of seeking a refund or replacement of the defective vehicle owed to you by the manufacturer. We know how frustrating it can be to struggle with a defective car or truck, and we’re committed to providing you with the practical and effective legal solutions you need to feel safe behind the wheel once again.

The term “lemon” refers to a vehicle (i.e., car, truck, motorcycle, RV, travel trailer) manufactured within the last eight or so years that exhibits substantial problems that cannot be repaired under warranty despite a reasonable number of attempts to fix it. California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act protects buyers and lessees from becoming stuck with defective vehicles, allowing them to obtain a replacement or a refund from the manufacturer. Our team of lemon law experts is prepared to assess the details of your case and help you obtain the favorable outcome you deserve.

Lemon Lawyer for Defective “Certified” Used Cars Under Warranty

For years, Lemon Law Partners, LLP, has been helping California consumers understand their legal rights and resolve their lemon law cases. Headquartered in Berkeley, we also serve clients in Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and all of California.

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Lemon Law Basics

California lemon laws protect the rights of consumers when the products they purchase turn out to be defective. We're here to help you understand these rights and pursue the refund or replacement vehicle you're owed.
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Defective New Cars & Trucks

Under California lemon laws, those who purchase a new car or truck that turns out to be defective are entitled to certain remedies, such as a refund or a replacement vehicle. Call our office today to learn more.
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Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers & Motorcycles

Are you struggling with recurring issues in a newly purchased RV, travel trailer, or motorcycle? Discuss your options for recovering a replacement vehicle or refund with one of our dedicated lemon law attorneys.
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Defective “Certified” Used Cars Under Warranty

California lemon laws protect used cars still under the manufacturer's warranty. If the used truck or car you recently purchased has a major defect, discuss your options with a lemon law attorney.
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Holding the Manufacturer Accountable for Selling You a Defective Vehicle

Another benefit of winning a lemon law case in California is that the manufacturer will be responsible for paying any legal fees and costs associated with the case. This means that our clients do not have to pay our fees, which is an attractive bonus when you are already struggling with the stress of a defective vehicle and an unresponsive manufacturer. We offer free case evaluations, so there is no risk in contacting us to discuss your lemon law claim.

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