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California lemon laws are designed to protect consumers from defective new and used vehicles still under warranty. Use our free online case evaluation tool to see if you’re covered.

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What Cars are Covered?

Lemon Law Partners, LLP can help you with lemon law claims involving new cars and used cars that are still under warranty. All makes and most models are covered (2016-2023 model years only).
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Fill out our online form to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced California lemon law attorney.

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Discuss all the details about your “lemon” with one of our attorneys, and we’ll determine whether you have a valid case.

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If you do have a valid lemon law case, we will move forward and fight for your consumer rights.

4. Get Results

The manufacturer is responsible for paying our fees if we win your case. Our clients do not pay anything.

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Celebrate your victory and recommend Lemon Law Partners, LLP to anyone you know who may have a “lemon” vehicle.

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