Do I Have a Case?

How Do I Know If I Have A Lemon Law Case?

Lemon laws were put into place to protect consumers from defective and sub-par new vehicles and to provide protection for used vehicles under warranty. If you think you have a “lemon” on your hands, you have nothing to lose by taking action. We offer a free case evaluation and the manufacturer pays our fees if we win your case!

A strong California lemon law case typically meets these requirements:

  • The car is still under warranty (generally, cars manufactured in the last five years)
  • There is a problem that significantly hinders the use, safety or value of the vehicle
  • The problem is not fixed even after at least four attempts have been made to repair the vehicle (unless the issue is life-threatening, in which case only two attempts are deemed “reasonable”)
  • The car has been unusable by reason of repairs for at least 30 days consecutive

California’s lemon law statute provides consumers with some of the broadest protections available. In valid cases, manufacturers are required to promptly either replace the vehicle or refund the cost of the purchase back to the consumer. If your car meets these general requirements and you’re struggling with the manufacturer, you may have a viable lemon law case.

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The only way to know for sure if you have a valid lemon law case is to speak with an experienced California lemon law attorney right away. Don’t struggle with a manufacturer on your own. If you have been sold a lemon, call (510) 944-0336 for a free case evaluation! You will speak directly with one of our dedicated lemon law lawyers.

Do I Have A Lemon?

Does Your Vehicle Qualify as a Lemon?