2021 Ford Ecosport SUV Concerning Engine Defects

In recent months, multiple complaints about concerning engine issues in the 2021 Ford Ecosport SUV have been reported by customers struggling with inexplicable problems that elude clear and effective solutions. Ford customers have voiced their concerns about their vehicles losing all engine power while traveling at various speeds, putting many at an increased risk of collision when these incidents occur. So far, the manufacturer has launched one auto safety recall campaign concerning an engine oil pump failure. However, many customers who have attempted to take their vehicles to the dealership to receive the recommended recall replacement part have been told that the parts are not available. Until these customers are able to obtain the recall repairs, they remain hesitant to take their vehicles out on the road.

According to the driver of a 2021 Ford Ecosport SUV, their vehicle’s low oil pressure light illuminated just before the engine completely stalled, and the driver lost all control of the vehicle. However, the replacement part is still not available, and the dealership is asking the owner to pay for a whole new engine up front in order to make the vehicle operational again. Many other drivers of the 2021 Ford Ecosport SUV have reported similar problems, and few have succeeded in obtaining the recommended recall repairs to which they are entitled.

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