2018 Ford Ecosport SUV Engine Malfunctions

Ford customers who drive the 2018 Ford Ecosport SUV should be aware that several consumer complaints about a number of engine problems have steadily been reported. Engines that stall, shut down, or even catch fire have all been reported by concerned customers. Ford has issued a recall that affects this vehicle, but it does not address these engine problems. Instead, customers are left without clear answers, struggling to fix these recurring issues on their own.

One owner described a number of instances in which their 2018 Ford Ecosport SUV would not start. Even after receiving a jump, the engine did not respond. The dealership replaced the battery, but only eleven days later, the engine stopped while the car was at an intersection and refused to restart. Another diagnosis insisted that the battery should be replaced once again, but the issue persists. Another driver detailed an incident in which the check engine light came on while the vehicle was driving a short distance. After arriving at the destination, parking, and turning off the engine, the driver explained that the engine compartment caught fire. Ford customers are asking that the manufacturer address these issues so that a permanent solution can be found.

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