Meet the Lemon Law Partners, LLP Attorneys

Attorneys Anthony J. Sperber and Arthur J. Obolsky both started out at large firms, but weren’t happy with the impersonal manner in which cases were handled. Neither felt satisfied with defending big, private corporations. Since leaving, both Anthony and Arthur proudly offer legal counsel on a much more individualized basis.

Their extensive litigation experience allows them to help all of their clients in a variety of lemon law cases, and their dedication has proven effective not only in getting favorable results, but in ensuring their clients’ happiness and satisfaction as well. They truly enjoy going to work knowing that each day they are helping California consumers through a tough situation.

Anthony J. Sperber

Phone: 510-944-0336

Anthony Sperber has lived in California for many years, attending university and law school in the Bay Area before working for a large national firm. Anthony embraces the idea of supporting clients throughout the legal process, from start to finish. He brings his experience and expertise to the table in all types of cases involving lemon laws, and over the years has faced nearly every major automobile manufacturer, both foreign and domestic.

Arthur J. Obolsky


A born and raised California native, Arthur Obolsky worked for one of Southern California’s most preeminent law firms before devoting his practice to victims of lemon autos with Lemon Law Partners, LLP. Arthur bases his work on the foundation of integrity, diligence and the utmost ethical conduct. He strives to achieve the best results for all of his clients, tirelessly pursuing justice while battling some of the largest national and worldwide auto manufacturers in court.

Call (510) 944-0336 to speak with one of the experienced attorneys of Lemon Law Partners, LLP directly, or email them anytime. Attorneys Anthony J. Sperber and Arthur J. Obolsky are dedicated to helping clients in Berkeley, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and throughout California settle their lemon law claims with even the largest auto manufacturers.

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