Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers, and Motorcycles

Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers, and Motorcycles

There are so many ways to enjoy our nation’s roadways. If you have been saving up for an RV, travel trailer, or motorcycle, making the purchase is often an exciting and exhilarating experience. The open road beckons to you and invites you to seek your next adventure. Unfortunately, if your new vehicle begins to exhibit recurring functional problems, such defects can derail your plans and frustrate you to no end. Instead of spending your time making memories on your adventures, you’re left taking your RV, travel trailer, or motorcycle to the dealership for permanent solutions to these concerning safety issues. Before you lose all hope, reach out to the knowledgeable California lemon law experts at Lemon Law Partners, LLP, to discuss your options. Under California’s lemon laws, consumers are entitled to receive a replacement vehicle or refund if they find themselves struggling with a defective vehicle. We encourage you to schedule a free case evaluation with our dedicated team today to learn more.

California Lemon Laws Cover New RV, Travel Trailers, and Motorcycles With Defects

California offers some of the strongest consumer protections in the country. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act allows those who have purchased or leased a new or used vehicle that’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty to seek remedies if these vehicles are defective. Essentially, if the car or truck experiences a recurring issue that is not resolved after a reasonable number of repair attempts have been made, the customer may be eligible to receive a replacement vehicle or refund. These legal protections also apply to motorcycles, travel trailers, and RVs. Lemon laws recognize that purchasing a recreational vehicle or travel trailer is a considerable financial investment, so it’s only right that you should be able to obtain a refund or replacement vehicle if the one you were sold turns out to be defective. 

Examples of Common Defects in Newly Purchased Motorcycles

There’s no better way to experience the open road like riding a motorcycle. When you purchase a new motorcycle, you expect that the vehicle has undergone all required safety tests and that the parts will function properly. Unfortunately, errors during the manufacturing or assembly processes can lead to costly and dangerous operational and safety issues. Some of the most common issues our lemon law experts have seen in new motorcycles include:

  • Braking system defects and failures
  • Acceleration issues and/or loss of power
  • Engine malfunctions or complete engine failure
  • Steering system issues
  • Fuel pump defects
  • Transmission problems

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the problems that can arise in a new motorcycle. Any persistent problems or defects that elude repair attempts may entitle you to certain remedies under California lemon law. It’s best to discuss the specifics of your situation with the caring and skilled attorneys at Lemon Law Partners, LLP.

Common Recurring Issues in Motor Homes, RVs, and Travel Trailers

When you purchase a motor home, travel trailer, or recreational vehicle, it’s natural to feel excited to get out into nature to experience your next adventure. However, defects during the parts manufacturing or vehicle assembly process may cause recurring functional and safety issues that cannot be resolved, no matter how many times you take your vehicle to the dealership. Over the years, our team of dedicated lemon law attorneys has handled cases involving the following RV, motor home, and travel trailer defects:

  • Water leaks
  • Poor or insufficient caulking
  • Substandard weatherproofing 
  • Power failures
  • Faulty electrical systems
  • Failre or power slider activation, either extending or retracting
  • Defective septic systems
  • Poor workmanship and substandard assembly

The last thing you want to do when you purchase a new recreational vehicle is spend time in the repair shop. If your RV, travel trailer, or motor home is experiencing recurring issues and the manufacturer is ignoring you, get in touch with our skilled and experienced lemon law experts to go over your legal options. California’s lemon laws are designed to protect people just like you, and we are here to help you understand and exercise these rights. 

Trusted and Effective Legal Advocacy at Every Turn

Under California lemon law, consumers generally have a legitimate claim to a replacement vehicle or refund if their vehicle has failed at least four “reasonable” attempts to repair the issue. However, if the defect threatens the vehicle’s safety, you may be able to recover these remedies after only two unsuccessful repair attempts have been made. At Lemon Law Partners, LLP, we proudly offer free case evaluations to all of our clients struggling with defective vehicles. When we win your case, the manufacturer must pay all of the attorneys’ fees as well. You have nothing to lose—please consider calling our office today to discuss your case.

Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers, and Motorcycles

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