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Audi Recalls Over 288K Vehicles Over Engine Safety Issue

Any spill in the rear seat of an Audi Q5 vehicle may cause liquid to penetrate the gateway control module, resulting in the shutdown of the control module and a reduction in engine power. Affected customers can receive the recommended repairs beginning in February 2022.


Honda Recalls 725k Vehicles Over Hood Safety Issue

In early December 2021, Honda announced a safety recall affecting approximately 724,826 vehicles suffering from a hood-related defect. Affected customers should take their vehicles to the dealer for the necessary repairs beginning in January 2022.


Hyundai Motor Whistleblower Awarded $24 Million

In early November 2021, the U.S. auto safety regulator announced that they would be rewarding $24 million to a former Hyundai Motor Company employee who brought to light safety concerns at the carmaking plant.


Hyundai Recalls Nearly 100K Vehicles Over Engine Issues

In late September 2021, Hyundai announced that it was issuing a safety recall affecting 95,515 vehicles over faulty engine components that increased the risk of stalling or engine fire. Customers can expect formal notification in mid-November urging them to obtain the replacement parts.


Volvo Issues Safety Recall Over Defective Airbags

In early October 2021, Volvo announced a new auto safety recall impacting nearly 260,000 vehicles with defective airbags. Volvo will replace the faulty airbag with a new airbag that contains a different propellant and inflator at no cost to the customer.