Ford Recalls 2013-2017 Explorers Over Suspension Issues

Ford Motor Company recently announced a safety recall impacting over 676,000 Ford Explorer SUVs. The issue stems from a suspension component that’s prone to fracturing, threatening steering and handling capabilities, and increasing the risk of crash or injury. Ford intends to notify the affected consumers by late August 2021. Let’s take a look at what prompted this recall and what steps owners should take to obtain the necessary repairs.

Details of the Ford Explorer Suspension Issue

Some Ford Explorer SUV models contain a defective rear suspension component that may fracture and negatively affect handling and steering. Should a cross-axis ball joint seize up, the rear suspension link may crack and diminish the driver’s ability to steer safely. According to Ford, this issue is often accompanied by a loud clunking noise, difficult handling, and a misaligned rear wheel. So far, Ford reports that six individuals have suffered injuries due to this suspension issue. Vehicles located in areas with cold winters and high humidity are at increased risk of developing this problem.

Affected Ford Explorer SUV Vehicles

According to the recall campaign, 676,152 Ford Explorer SUVs are affected. Ford Explorer SUVs manufactured at the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant between September 2012 and September 2017 are directly impacted by the suspension recall. Once the owners receive notification, they can take their vehicle to the dealer for inspection and replacement parts.

Next Steps for 2013-2017 Ford Explorer SUV Drivers

As several injuries have been linked to this rear suspension defect, drivers should seek replacement parts as soon as the dealer makes them available. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you can expect the dealer to inspect the cross-axis ball joint (replacing it if necessary) and replace the toe links with a revised design component. Should you encounter any difficulties with this process, contact a trusted lemon law attorney as soon as possible.


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