Volvo Issues Safety Recall Over Defective Airbags

In early October 2021, Volvo announced a new auto safety recall impacting nearly 260,000 vehicles with defective airbags. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), elevated moisture and humidity can affect airbag safety, making airbags more prone to rupture in the event of a crash. Here’s what Volvo customers need to know about this latest airbag safety recall.

Understanding the Airbag Safety Issue

The defect pertains to the type of propellant used to inflate the driver’s airbag. If exposed to high temperatures or humidity, this propellant may degrade over time and cause the airbag to rupture when deployed. As a result, the rupture could spray metal pieces of the inflator at the vehicle’s occupants and cause injury or death. So far, Volvo has stated that one person has died as a result of a faulty airbag.

New Recall Expands Upon a Previous Recall

In November 2020, Volvo issued a similar recall warning consumers of this issue. However, the previous recall only applied to models in certain states and U.S. territories that experienced hot and humid weather conditions. Under this new recall, all Volvo S60 sedans manufactured between June 28, 2000, and March 30, 2009, and all Volvo S80 sedans manufactured between May 15, 2000, and February 7, 2006, are affected. In all, the recall affects 259,383 vehicles.

Next Steps For Volvo Customers

Volvo has announced that it will notify affected customers starting in late November 2021. Once you receive notification, you should schedule a visit to the local dealership. Volvo will replace the faulty airbag with a new airbag that contains a different propellant and inflator at no cost to the customer. While Volvo customers wait for further information, Volvo and the NHTSA urge customers to exercise caution when storing and driving their vehicles, particularly in places where hot and humid conditions persist.


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