What You Need to Know About Used Car Lemon Law in California

Many consumers are aware that purchasing a new car that they soon find to be defective entitles them to a replacement or a refund. However, what about people who buy a used car and discover that it is damaged or defective? California lemon laws also protect used car buyers, making it possible for purchasers to seek and obtain a replacement vehicle or a refund if a few basic qualifications are met. Let’s take a closer look at how California lemon law offers protections for buyers of both new and used cars.

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When Problems Arise With Your Used Vehicle

Those who decide to buy a used car understand that the vehicle they purchase may have general wear and tear, but they expect that the dealer will disclose any major issues with them before they finalize the sale. If a manufacturer has reacquired a vehicle because of a specific warranty defect, California law requires the seller to clearly mark the car as a “Lemon Law Buyback” vehicle. Of course, there are times when the seller was unaware of any defects, or they failed to fully disclose these issues to you at the time of sale. If your used car experiences major or repeated problems within the first few weeks of purchase, it may be within your rights to receive a replacement or refund.

Warranty and Used Cars

Many used cars are still under the manufacturer’s warranty, which usually lasts for up to three years or 36,000 miles. If problems arise with your used car and your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, lemon law coverage will protect you. For used cars that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, dealers are still required to offer warranties, although they are generally more limited. As of 2013, used car dealers must provide a warranty for thirty days or 1,000 miles driven. If issues arise during this period that the dealer is unable to repair, the dealer must provide a refund to the consumer. Dealer’s warranties may only apply to some aspects of your car, such as the brakes, transmission, engine, or steering.

Qualifying for a Replacement or Refund

California lemon law specifies that consumers who purchased a defective used car may be entitled to receive a replacement or a refund if:

  • The used vehicle was sold with a warranty
  • The used vehicle has a significant defect
  • The used vehicle has been under repair for a substantial or excessive number of days
  • A reasonable number of attempts to repair the defect are unsuccessful

If you have recently purchased a used car that is turning out to be more trouble than it’s worth, reach out to a dedicated and knowledgeable lemon law attorney to learn more about your rights. Call Lemon Law Partners, LLP today at (800) 887-9362 for reliable and effective legal assistance that will help you achieve a successful outcome.

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