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By devoting our practice exclusively to lemon law, we're fully prepared to secure you the refund or replacement vehicle you are owed. No fees or costs to you.

We know the ins and outs of California lemon laws. Our firm is committed to helping clients throughout California successfully resolve their lemon law claims. By focusing exclusively on lemon law, we can give your case the focus and attention it deserves. We believe in advocating passionately on your behalf to ensure that you secure the best possible outcome.

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Lemon Law Basics

California lemon laws protect the rights of consumers when the products they purchase turn out to be defective. We're here to help you understand these rights and pursue the refund or replacement vehicle you're owed.
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Defective New Cars & Trucks

Under California lemon laws, those who purchase a new car or truck that turns out to be defective are entitled to certain remedies, such as a refund or a replacement vehicle. Call our office today to learn more.
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Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers & Motorcycles

Are you struggling with recurring issues in a newly purchased RV, travel trailer, or motorcycle? Discuss your options for recovering a replacement vehicle or refund with one of our dedicated lemon law attorneys.
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Defective “Certified” Used Cars Under Warranty

California lemon laws protect used cars still under the manufacturer's warranty. If the used truck or car you recently purchased has a major defect, discuss your options with a lemon law attorney.
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Do I Have A Case?

California lemon laws are designed to protect consumers from defective new and used vehicles still under warranty. Use our free online case evaluation tool to see if you’re covered.

California's Premier Lemon Law Attorneys

Most manufacturers are hesitant to own up to the fact that they sold you a lemon vehicle. If you are struggling with a manufacturer that is dismissing or not responding to your claim, it's time to enlist our help. Our experienced attorneys have successfully handled countless California lemon law cases over the years, and we know how to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. What's more, we don't get paid unless we win your case. Once we succeed, the manufacturers are required to cover all attorneys' fees associated with the claim. With nothing to lose, why not schedule your free case evaluation with Lemon Law Partners, LLP, today?

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Lemon Law Attorney Anthony J. Sperber​

Anthony J. Sperber

enjoys supporting his clients during every step of the legal process, providing them with trusted and effective guidance from start to finish. Over the course of his career, he has taken on nearly every major automobile manufacturer—he's not afraid to go head to head with these companies in order to secure you the refund or replacement vehicle they owe you.

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Lemon Law attorney Arthur J. Obolsky​

 Arthur J. Obolsky

is proud to represent consumers who have found themselves stuck with a lemon on their hands. He strives to obtain the best possible outcome for every client, and he's ready to push back against auto manufacturing giants both in and out of the courtroom to ensure that they are held accountable for selling you a defective and unsafe vehicle. 

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