What You Need to Know About Latest Auto Safety Recalls From Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, and More

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is an important decision. As consumers, we trust that the car or truck we spend good money on will operate safely and not come riddled with recurring issues or significant defects. Unfortunately, manufacturers release vehicles that may exhibit ongoing problems that cannot be repaired or fixed permanently. In some cases, the manufacturer issues a safety recall campaign that affects a certain make and model. The manufacturer mails written recall notices to those affected by the recall, informing them of the safety issue and urging them to schedule a visit to the local dealership to obtain the recommended recall repair (at no cost to the customer). Although receiving a recall notice can be concerning and even alarming, you should be able to secure the repair within a reasonable amount of time. 

However, some extremely dangerous defects may prompt the manufacturer to advise you to drive your vehicle as little as possible—this, understandably, can create significant complications in your daily life and negatively impact your ability to travel to and from work. It’s essential to recognize that trusted legal guidance is always available, so consider enlisting the help of a knowledgeable lemon law attorney who can assess the details of your situation and determine the most strategic path forward. California lemon law protects customers from unsafe or defective vehicles, so you may be eligible to receive a replacement vehicle or refund. This post will highlight some of the most recent auto safety recall campaigns so those impacted by these defects can identify a solid and effective approach to navigating these issues.

Ford Recalls 422,000 SUVs For Defective Video Output Issue

In May of 2023, Ford Motor Company issued a safety recall impacting 422,000 sport utility vehicles across the United States. This announcement expands upon and replaces previous recall campaigns launched by Ford in 2021 and earlier in 2023. As recently as last year, Ford updated the image processing module (IPMB) software in several of its vehicles to address similar concerns. However, the issue has continued to occur in many SUVs, with drivers experiencing a video output failure that prevents the rearview camera image from displaying. Ford reported that it received 17 reports of minor crashes associated with this issue during 2022, as well as over 2,100 warranty reports from frustrated and concerned Ford customers. The first few months of 2023 saw 29 claims of Ford vehicles exhibiting video output issues even after these drivers obtained the recommended recall repair. 

This new recall applies to 2020-2023 Ford Explorers, 2020-2023 Lincoln Navigators, and 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair SUVs—all of which have a 360-degree camera. So far, Ford has not provided a solution or repair for this issue, instead telling customers that it is “working together with suppliers to identify the root cause and provide the correct remedy as quickly as possible.” For now, those affected by backup camera malfunctions are left waiting for clear answers and permanent solutions to these cornering visibility and safety issues.

Chrysler Recalls Over 12,000 Vehicles Over Engine Issue

Chrysler recently announced an auto safety recall that impacts 12,458 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles with 2.0L PHEV engines, which may experience a complete engine shutdown because of a communication error. When the transmission control module cannot communicate with the hybrid control processor, the engine shuts down and causes the vehicle to stall. So far, this recall announcement affects only 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles with 2.0L PHEV engines. Those who own or lease this make and model can expect to start receiving notification letters on or after July 23, 2023. Affected consumers can take their vehicles to the dealership to obtain the recommended control software update free of charge. 

Hyundai Issues Safety Recall Over Brake Assist Issue

In early June 2023, Hyundai launched a safety recall regarding a persistent and worrisome brake assist issue. The company described the potential safety risks associated with brake booster diaphragms becoming misaligned, leading to an internal vacuum leak. Eventually, this issue could result in a loss of power brake assist function and put the vehicle occupants at increased risk of a collision. Loss of power brake assist may extend the distance required to stop the vehicle. So far, this recall campaign impacts 322 vehicles, all of which are 2023 Palisade vehicles. The manufacturer will start mailing notifications to affected customers on August 7, 2023. Consumers may then contact their local dealership to arrange an inspection and replacement of the brake booster as necessary at no additional cost to the customer. 

Nissan Recalls Certain Vehicles Over Possible Fire Risk

On June 15, 2023, Nissan notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it had uncovered an increased fire risk in certain 2022 Sentra vehicles. Investigators determined that the driver’s side cowl area of some 2022 Sentras had a missing or improper seal, which allowed water to leak inside the vehicle and corrode the electrical components. Corrosion may lead to electrical system failures, such as the loss of wiper motor function, inoperative airbags, or shifting gears without engaging the brake pedal. In some cases, an electrical short-circuit may occur, increasing the risk of a fire. Nissan customers impacted by this defect can expect to start receiving a recall notification in the mail after July 26, 2023. They should then arrange a visit to the local dealership to receive an inspection and resealing of the driver’s side cowl. If the inspectors identify moisture or corrosion, they will replace the main harness and engine room harness at no cost to the customer. 


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