2024 Honda Accord Sedan Engine and Braking System Issues

Over the last several months, several complaints about engine and braking system issues have arisen from those who own or lease a 2024 Honda Accord Sedan. The bulk of these concerns revolve around a tendency for these vehicles to experience phantom braking or engine power loss while in motion. Although the manufacturer has issued one official auto safety recall campaign, it focuses on defective seat belt components. For now, Honda customers who are struggling with inexplicable braking system and engine power issues are left without the clear explanations and lasting solutions they need to feel safe.

The owner of a 2024 Honda Accord Sedan stated that their vehicle had experienced a concerning braking system malfunction on a few separate occasions. When these incidents happen, they will be steering their car while making a turn. The vehicle’s emergency braking system will misfire and trigger immediate braking even though there is no underlying obstacle or hazard in the way. This malfunction has caused the driver to narrowly avoid a rear-end collision, and the driver is concerned that another driver will collide with their vehicle if this happens again. Attempts to diagnose the issue at the dealership have been unsuccessful. Several other Honda customers are struggling with similar issues, and they are voicing their urgent need for permanent fixes to these safety hazards.

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