2023 Subaru Ascent SUV Concerning Braking System Malfunctions

If you own or lease a 2023 Subaru Ascent SUV, you should be aware of numerous complaints that have arisen from concerned customers regarding persistent braking system issues in this make and model. Drivers have experienced braking systems that suddenly started to shake and jerk when the brake pedal was depressed, and others have voiced their concerns about how easily the driver’s foot can slip off the brake pedal and lose control of the vehicle. So far, the manufacturer has issued three separate auto safety recall campaigns impacting this make and model, but none of them concern braking system defects or malfunctions.

One owner of a 2023 Subaru Ascent SUV stated their dissatisfaction about this make and model, especially regarding persistent braking system issues. The driver reported that the car has been making loud and concerning squealing noises since the day they purchased it. Even after replacing the brake pads, the driver continued to experience grinding brakes that also have failed to engage on at least four separate occasions, narrowly avoiding a collision in two cases. Other reports of brakes that fail to engage, respond, or function as intended continue to arise from worried Subaru customers. For now, they are left waiting for the clear answers and permanent fixes they need to feel safe on the road once again.

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