2023 Honda Pilot SUV Persistent Steering System Issues

Recently, a hefty number of Honda customers have reported persistent steering system issues when driving the 2023 Honda Pilot SUV. The manufacturer has yet to issue a single auto safety recall, meaning that customers experiencing these issues remain without clear answers or permanent solutions to these concerning problems. Reports of steering wheels that seize up or drift dangerously to one side continue to arise, with customers calling on the manufacturer to acknowledge their questions about these recurring steering system failures.

A recent report from a driver that leases a 2023 Honda Pilot SUV stated that they were attempting to move into another lane to steer clear of bicyclists. However, as soon as the driver started this maneuver, warnings appeared on the dash and the steering wheel pulled dramatically in the opposite direction—and toward the cyclists. This same individual went on to describe two other occasions where this same issue occurred, prompting the driver to express deep concern about this make and model’s safety on the road. Several other Honda customers have lodged similar complaints, even though the manufacturer has remained silent and unresponsive to these concerns so far.

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