2023 Honda CR-V SUV Steering System Malfunctions

If you own or lease a 2018 Infiniti QX60 SUV, you should recognize that multiple customers have reported their concerns about recurring acceleration and powertrain issues. Many drivers state that their vehicles struggle to accelerate properly, making it difficult to merge with traffic or get up to speed after slowing for a stop sign or traffic light. Other customers have stated that ther engines seem to lag or lack sufficient power at times. Although the manufacturer has issued one auto safety recall that impacts this make and model, it does not pertain to engine or acceleration components. For now, affected Infiniti customers continue to wait for lasting solutions to these persistent problems.

The driver of a 2018 Infinit QX60 SUV reported that their vehicle often hestiates when the driver attempts to accelerate, nearly causing a collision on more than one occasion. The dealership informed the driver that the vehicle’s rear-end electric coupling needed to be replaced, but the issue continued long after the repair was made. Other customers have detailed concerning acceleration and engine issues, such as engines that struggle to respond or that emit strange, whining noises while accelerating. Unfrotunately, many of these customers have yet to receive the clear answers and lasting fixes that they need to feel safe behind the wheel once more.

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