2023 Ford Explorer SUV Concerning Powertrain Problems

If you own or lease a 2023 Ford Explorer SUV, you should be aware of multiple reports of powertrain issues in vehicles of this make and model. Many customers have lodged formal complaints about recurring power failures while driving the vehicle along roadways at various speeds, nearly causing collisions on several occasions. Currently, the manufacturer has launched five separate auto safety recall campaigns affecting the 2023 Ford Explorer SUV, two of which pertain to issues that could impair normal powertrain function. However, some Ford customers continue to wait for clear answers and lasting solutions to these powertrain and engine issues.

The driver of a 2023 Ford Explorer SUV described a harrowing event during which they were traveling down a city street. Suddenly, teh engine lost all power, but the driver was able to pull the car into a nearby parking lot and avoid an accident. The driver took the vehicle to the dealer, but no issue was identified. According to this Ford owner, the same issue happened again one week later, this time narrowly avoiding a collision with another vehicle. Several other reports detailing similar experiences of power loss continue to arise from justifiably concerned Ford customers. For now, they are left without the lasting solutions they need to feel safe behind the wheel once more.

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