2022 Tesla Model S Steering Control Issues

Recently, several people who own or lease a 2022 Tesla Model S have lodged formal complaints about recurring and worrisome steering control issues. The so-called “yoke” steering wheel has many conusmers concerned about inconsistent or malfuntioning signaling, horn volume, speed control, and alignment systems. Although Tesla has issued nine safety recalls impacting this make and model, the manufacuter has yet to address steering concerns specifically.

According to one driver of a 2022 Tesla Model S, they tried to honk the horn to alert a fastly-moving vehicle attemtpting to change lanes of their presence. The horn failed to sound, putting both drivers at risk of collision. Several other reports of steering yokes that do not respond properly or whose buttons fail to respond when pressed continue to pour in from Tesla drivers. Unfortunately, these customers have yet to receive clear answers or lasting solutions to these recurring saftey risks.

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