2022 Lucid Air Persistent Powertrain Problems

Within the last few months, numerous complaints about the 2022 Lucid Air have arisen from concerned customers. While consumers have lodged concerns about a wide range of issues, the majority of the reports pertain to persistent powertrain problems. From engines that suddenly lose all power while in motion to vehicles that move in the opposite direction than the driver intends, these instances of inexplicable powertrain and engine issues continue to worry customers. The manufacturer has already launched eight separate auto safety recall campaigns, one of which concerns engine failures. However, many customers who have obtained the recommended recall repairs continue to experience powertrain issues.

One driver of a 2022 Lucid Air reported that their vehicle suffered a total loss of power with no warning while traveling at a highway speed of 65 miles per hour. The car’s dashboard suddenly flashed a system failure warning, and the vehicle started to decelerate rapidly. The driver had to swerve the vehicle out of harm’s way, narrowly avoiding a collision. The service center was unable to locate the source of the issue, and the owner remains hesitant to drive their vehicle because they fear the issue may return. Several other customers have shared similar concerns about sudden and erratic loss of power while their vehicles are in motion. For now, these customers remain without the lasting solutions they need to feel safe behind the wheel once again.

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