2022 GMC Terrain SUV Engine Power Issues

Within the last several months, many reports about recurring engine power failures have arisen from those who own or lease a 2022 GMC Terrain SUV. Some drivers have voiced concerns about their vehicles slipping out of gear for no apparent reason while in motion, prompting drivers to react quickly in order to avoid a collision. Other customers have reported instances of complete engine failure, with the power shutting off while traveling at highway speeds. So far, the manufacturer has issued four distinct auto safety recall campaigns affecting this make and model. Only one pertains to engine failure issues, but many GMC customers maintain that the issues they have experienced differ from the defect addressed by the recall campaign.

The driver of a 2022 GMC Terrain SUV described an incident in which they were driving at a speed of 60 miles per hour. All of a sudden, the engine lost all power, forcing the driver to steer the car to the side of the road. The driver noticed that the car was in “Park” mode, which apparently happened without the driver touching the gearshift in any way. Several other GMC customers reported similar incidents, as well as occasions in which the SUV appeared to struggle considerably—as if the engine was not powerful enough to propel the vehicle. Unfortunately, many impacted customers have not been able to obtain clear solutions to these persistent safety issues.

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