2022 BMW X5 SUV Recurring Powertrain Issues

Those who own or lease a 2022 BMW X5 SUV should know that multiple reports of recurring powertrain and engine issues have arisen in recent months from concerned MNW customers. Drivers have experienced a range of alarming power-related issues behind the wheel, from sudden acceleration to complete engine power loss without warning. Many customers have reported that trips to the dealership have proved unsuccessful in identifying any underlying problems or defects. For now, the manufacturer has only issued one auto safety recall campaign impacting this make and model, but it pertains to a potential sunroof malfunction.

One owner of a 2022 BMW X5 SUV stated that they were attempting to pull into a parking spot when the vehicle suddenly accelerated on its own. This alarming incident caused the SUV to strike some potted plants in the parking lot and damaging the area under the front of the vehicle. Fortunately, no one suffered an injury as a result. The dealer was unable to diagnose the underlying issue, so the driver remains without the explanations and solutions he needs to feel safe behind the wheel. Similar reports of engines and transmissions surging or shutting off completely continue to crop up, prompting BMW customers to seek clear answers and lasting fixes to these worrisome powertrain issues.

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