2022 BMW X3 SUV Acceleration and Braking Issues

Drivers who own or lease a 2022 BMW X3 SUV should recognize that multiple customers have reported recurring power, acceleration, and braking problems in vehicles of this make and model. Reports of concerning and inexplicable loud noises coming from the brakes, sudden and worrisome deceleration while these SUVs are in motion, and many other safety problems continue to arise from BMW customers. Although the automaker has announced two separate auto safety recall campaigns impacting the 2022 BMW X3 model, these recalls fail to address many of the acceleration and braking system problems that customers are struggling to resolve. Without definitive answers and lasting solutions, these customers are wary of driving these vehicles.

One driver of a 2022 BMW X3 SUV reported that they were traveling at a speed of approximately 45 miles per hour. Suddenly, the vehicle started to rapidly decelerate even though the driver was pressing the accelerator pedal. Even though the driver took the vehicle to the dealer for an inspection, the cause of the failure was not identified. Other reports of brakes that emit loud and concerning noises when engaged have arisen, despite the manufacturer’s failure to respond to or acknowledge these concerns. For now, many BMW drivers remain hesitant to take their SUVs out onto the roads because they worry that these safety issues may happen and lead to an accident.

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