2022 BMW IX SUV Electrical System Failures

If you own or lease a 2022 BMW IX SUV, you should be aware of a slew of concerning reports about multiple types of electrical system failures in this make and model. Many BMW customers are raising their voices and reporting recurring electrical system issues, such as decreased battery capacity, warning lights failing to illuminate properly, and burning odors emanating from inside the vehicle. So far, nine separate safety recall campaigns have been launched that affect this make and model. However, when some customers take their SUVs to the dealership to obtain the recommended recall repair, they find that the parts are not available. As a result, many people are left with concerning electrical system issues that lack the solutions they require to operate their vehicles with confidence.

The owner of a 2022 BMW IX SUV reported that they took their vehicle to the dealership to secure the replacement part as instructed by the recall notice. However, they found that the replacement parts were not yet available, and the dealership could not provide an answer as to when the parts would arrive. In the meantime, the driver continued to experience diminished battery capacity, worrisome burning odors inside the SUV, and other concerning electrical system issues. Several other BMW customers shared similar complaints, demonstrating the need for the manufacturer to acknowledge and address their concerns.

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