2022 Acura MDX SUV Powertrain Defects

Recently, a number of safety concerns regarding persistent powertrain issues in the 2022 Acura MDX SUV have arisen. Customers have described their recurring struggles with loud and concerning noises that occur when the vehicle shifts gears, as well as excessive transmission fluid and oil fluid leakage. So far, the manufacturer has yet to issue a single safety recall impacting this make and model, leaving many Acura customers without the solutions they’re looking for.

Multiple customers have reported loud and concerning noises occuring when their 2022 Acura MDX SUV vehicles shift gears. In particular, the noises seem the loudest when shifting from Park to Reverse. Other customers have described having to replace their vehicles’ transmission fluid and oil on a frequent basis, with some people reporting that the dealership has been unable to identify the source of this excessive leakage. For now, Acura customers are left with more questions than answers as they await permanent solutions to these persistent problems.

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