2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 SUV Recurring Electrical System Failures

Over the last several months, reports of multiple electrical system failures in the 2022-2023 Infiniti QX60 have arisen from those who own or lease vehicles of these makes and models. Reports of SUVs losing all electrical system functionality while in motion have become common, as have concerns about these vehicles not starting after being parked overnight. Although the manufacturer has announced two distinct auto safety recall campaigns affecting these makes and models, they only concern incorrectly adjusted headlights and missing bolts on certain seats. In the meantime, customers struggling with recurring electrical system failures in these vehicles are left without clear answers or lasting fixes.

One owner of a 2022 Infiniti QX60 SUV reported that their vehicle has failed to start on several occasions after it had been parked overnight. According to this customer, their vehicle has needed a jump start on over fifteen distinct occasions. Multiple trips to the dealer have not uncovered any underlying issues, leaving the driver frustrated and concerned about the health and safety of this vehicle. Many other Infiniti customers have voiced similar concerns about electrical systems that flicker on or off, fail to register hazards, or otherwise malfunction—all without identifiable explanations or lasting solutions.

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