2021 Toyota Venza Windshield and Visibility Issues

Those who own or lease a 2021 Toyota Venza should know that a number of customer complaints have arisen in recent months concerning defective windshields and visibility issues that pose a safety threat to drivers and passengers. The windshields in these vehicles are especially prone to cracking and breaking for no apparent reason. While the manufacturer has issued one safety recall affecting this vehicle, the recall does not address windshield or visibility issues. For now, Toyota customers remain without clear answers or permanent solutions to these issues.

According to one owner of a 2021 Toyota Venza, the windshield cracked while the vehicle was parked. The crack grew to to a length of approximately seven inches. Another driver was driving their vehicle when a tiny pebble struck the windshield, causing a thirty inch crack to develop overnight. Even after a full windshield replacement, the second windshield developed another crack and shards of glass fell into the empty passenger seat while the vehicle was in motion. Until Toyota addresses this persistent issue, customers continue to express their frustration and concern about these windshield defects.

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