2021 Honda Pilot SUV Electrical System Malfunctions

Multiple reports of defective electrical systems have been reported in recent months by those who own or lease a 2021 Honda Pilot SUV. from concerning and distracting sounds coming from the stereo system to electrical systems that experience complete failure on multiple occasions, concerned customers are asking for clear answers and lasting fixes to these hazardous malfunctions. Although the manufacturer has issued three separate safety recalls impacting this make and model, Honda has yet to address electrical system failures directly.

Many drivers of the 2021 Honda Pilot SUV have reported concerning and distracting popping sounds coming from the stereo system, even when they attempt to turn the system off. Phone calls drop frequently, and the radio may come on at an excessively loud volume for no reason, startling the driver and putting the safety of the vehicle at risk of crash. Some drivers have reported having their electrical systems shut off completely while the car is in motion. Even after visiting the dealer, many customers have not received clear answers or solutions to these issues.

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