2021 Ford Expedition Recurring Engine Malfunctions

Those who own or lease a 2021 Ford Expedition should know that a slew of customer complaints have arisen in recent months, the majority of which concern engine and transmission issues. Many of the complaints stem from a recent safety recall over an increased risk in engine compartment fires. Affected customers who took their vehicles to the dealership as encouraged have failed to obtain the necessary repairs or replacement parts, and the manufacturer has so far refused to make any statements about when customers can expect to secure these recall repairs. For now, many Ford customers remain hesitant to drive their 2021 Expeditions due to this potential safety risk.

One owner of a 2021 Ford Expedition stated that their vehicle has experienced great difficulty shifting gears on multiple occasions. The car will jerk, sputter, or stall out when shifting gears, prompting the driver to express concern for their overall safety. Other owners of this make and model have reported frustrations with their inability to obtain the recommended recall repair, with the manufacturer unable to provide a clear timeline.

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