2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV Powertrain Defects

Multiple reports of powertrain issues in the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV have arisen in recent months from customers concerned with the overall safety of their vehicles. From transmissions that fail to engage when the accelerator pedal is depressed to reports of loud rattling or grinding sounds emanating from the engine, numerous issues continue to be reported by Ford customers in search of clear and effective solutions to these persistent powertrain problems.

The driver of a 2021 Ford Bronco Sport SUV stated that the engine began to rattle and stall on several occasions, even though the vehicle had under 200 miles on it. Other reports of this make and model stalling out at various speeds have also been reported, with many Ford customers stating that the dealer was unable to identify the underlying issue. Some drivers also complain that their vehicles hesitate or lag when the drivers engage the accelerator pedal, putting themselves and others on the road at risk of crash.

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