2020 Toyota Highlander SUV Propulsion and Fuel Tank Issues

A number of Toyota customers are voicing their concerns over power and fuel pump issues in their 2020 Toyota Highlander SUVs. From reports of fuel tanks that cannot be sufficiently filled to claims of batteries and engines failing at inexplicable times, customers are looking for clear answers and lasting solutions. So far, the manufacturer has only issued two safety recalls affecting this make and model, neither of which specifically addresses these persistent problems.

Multiple owners of the 2020 Toyota Highlander SUV have stated that they are unable to fill the vehicle’s gas tank completely. Although the SUV has a 17-gallon capacity, many drivers can only put in up to 13 gallons. As a result, the range of the vehicle decreases significantly. Even after several customers reported this issue to their Toyota dealership, no action has been taken to address this widespread problem. Additional reports of batteries failing prematurely and engines suddenly shutting off while the SUV is in motion have also arisen, but the manufacturer has yet to acknowledge these concerns.

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