2020 Tesla Model X SUV Acceleration and Electrical System Problems

Drivers of the 2020 Tesla Model X SUV should know that several customers have lodged complaints about various acceleration and electrical system malfunctions in recent months. From engines and electrical systems that shut down without warning to acceleration that occurs independently and suddenly, Tesla customers are voicing their safety concerns and looking for explanations. So far, no safety recalls affect this make and model, leaving customers in the dark for the time being.

One driver of the Tesla Model X SUV stated that they were driving at a slow speed when the vehicle started to accelerate independently and without reason. On a separate occasion, this same vehicle accelerated independently from a parked position, causing it to crash into a building. Although the driver notified the manufacturer, they have not received any response. Other reports of these vehicles accelerating independently continue to emerge from customers fearing for their safety. Some drivers have also reported instances where they attempt to accelerate but the entire electrical system shuts off, causing the car to coast to a stop. For now, these concerned Tesla customers continue to await clear answers and effective solutions.

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