2020 Tesla Model S Suspension Concerns

In recent months, several customers have lodged formal complaints about recurring suspension issues in the 2020 Tesla Model S. If you own or lease this make and model, you should know that many drivers have expressed their concerns about excessive vibration, loud noises, and premature axel erosion in the 2020 Tesla Model S. So far, the automaker has announced nine distinct auto safety recall campaigns affecting this make and model. However, not one of these campaigns addresses suspension issues, leaving affected Tesla customers in need of clear answers and lasting solutions to these worrisome problems.

According to the owner of a 2020 Tesla Model S, his vehicle experienced significant vibrations and loud, popping noises while in motion. He has had to have the axles replaced two times within one year, and the manufacturer is not paying for these repairs. Several other Tesla customers have reported excessive shuddering at high acceleration and front tires that begin to dislodge and threaten the overall safety of the vehicle. For now, customers lack the solutions they need to feel comfortable driving their vehicles safely.

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