2020-2021 GMC Acadia SUV Powertrain Issues

Recently, GMC customers have lodged complaints about the 2020 GMC Acadia. Several of these concerns arise from powertrain and acceleration troubles, ranging from gears that grind when shifting to loss of power at various speeds. Although the manufacturer has issued five safety recalls impacting this model, many customers continue to experience persistent and inexplicable powertrain issues.

The owner of a 2020 GMC Acadia stated that they have lost power several times, especially when driving the vehicle at lower speeds. For no clear reason, the vehicle will start to jerk and the brake light illuminates, after which the vehicle loses power. Another driver has reported that the vehicle will automatically shift out of drive while in motion, stranding the SUV in middle of the road and unable to accelerate for several seconds. Until the manufacturer directly addresses these issues, customers are left in the dark with these persistent issues.

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