2019 Toyota Tacoma Braking System Malfunctions

Numerous braking issues have been reported by those who lease or drive a 2019 Toyota Tacoma. So far, the manufacturer has issued a recall for a damaged brake master cylinder seal that could increase the risk of collision, but many consumers continue to experience other types of brake-related problems that have no clear source or explanation. Brakes that fail to respond, engage suddenly on their own, or vibrate uncontrollably have all been reported, and many drivers are still looking for effective and lasting solutions.

One driver detailed how the brakes consistently vibrate when the vehicle is traveling between 20 and 40 miles per hour, and the vehicle will automatically brake at random and unwarranted times for no reason. Other drivers describe how their truck will fail to brake when approaching a stop sign or red light, even when the brake pedal is depressed as hard as possible. Some have narrowly avoided collisions with other vehicles because of these braking issues. A few consumers have explained that they fear for their safety when driving their 2019 Toyota Tacoma, especially as the braking systems seem to work intermittently.

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