2019 Toyota Highlander SUV Engine & Fuel Pump Failures

In recent months, a wide array of consumer complaints have arisen from those who own or lease a 2019 Toyota Highlander SUV. From malfunctioning fuel-pumps to complete engine failures, safety issues are causing people to voice their concerns. While Toyota issued a fuel pump recall in January 2020, many affected customers have yet to obtain the necessary repairs. Meanwhile, other drivers are still awaiting clear answers to their recurring engine problems.

One recent complaint came from a driver who detailed how her 2019 Toyota Highlander SUV has stalled multiple times during rush hour. She stated that she is afraid to drive this vehicle, and only uses it to travel fifty miles or less out of fear that she will become stranded. Another consumer discussed how his vehicle randomly chugs and stalls at low speeds, and it has completely stalled on three separate occasions. Numerous similar complaints about stalling or failing engines abound, and consumers are eagerly awaiting effective and permanent solutions.

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