2019 Ram 1500 Quad PU/EC Persistent Braking Issues

Concerned consumers are reporting a number of worrisome issues with the 2019 Ram 1500 Quad PU/EC, ranging from engine troubles to electrical troubles. Many complaints focus on a variety of braking failures that range from squeaking and grinding noises to braking systems that do not respond when needed. A total of 20 recalls have already been issued for this particular vehicle, but several consumers have received the recommended repairs and yet continue to experience these persistent braking issues.

One driver included a harrowing account of pushing his brake pedal while on the freeway to slow slightly for traffic. When he put his foot back on the accelerator, the vehicle accelerated rapidly and continued to do so even after he removed his foot from the pedal, quickly reaching a speed of 105 miles an hour. In order to slow down, he had to put his full weight on the brake pedal, which only slowed the vehicle to 60 miles an hour. Eventually, he was able to move to the shoulder and put the truck into neutral. Understandably, the consumer is concerned for his safety and has yet to receive a clear explanation as to why this occurred. Other common complaints detail brakes that emit loud clunking and grinding noises that have no apparent solution.

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