2019 Honda Ridgeline Structural Issues

While several complaints have emerged in recent months concerning the 2019 Honda Ridgeline, many of them are focused on a major structural issue that may endanger the vehicle’s overall safety. Numerous drivers have mentioned that the hood of their truck flutters while traveling at highway speeds, causing people to fear that the hood may fly open and obstruct their view while in motion. Even when this issue is brought to the attention of the dealership, no clear answers or solutions are given. Temporary fixes, such as reattaching or tightening the gasket, do not permanently resolve the issue.

One driver detailed how the hood on their 2019 Honda Ridgeline always jumps up and down and violently vibrates at highway speeds, which is unsettling because the hood is only held in place by a lightweight latch and rivet. When the dealership inspected it and tried to attach it more sturdily, the issue persisted. Many other drivers have described similar problems, and they have been consistently met with no lasting fixes or solutions. As the manufacturer has yet to issue a recall that addresses this specific problem, consumers are left with their concerns of hoods that continue to vibrate, bounce, or detach unexpectedly.

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