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2019 Honda Passport SUV Electrical System Failures

A slew of complaints from those who own or lease a 2019 Honda Passport SUV have recently emerged, with many of them pointing out a number of electrical system malfunctions that appear to have no clear fix. Complete shutdown of the audio system, malfunctions with the backup camera system, and faulty sensory systems have prompted many drivers to seek answers and solutions from various Honda dealerships. While some of these electrical system issues may receive temporary fixes, many of these problems persist without a clear diagnosis as to the underlying cause of these recurring issues.

Many of these complaints focus on a spotty infotainment system that frequently misfires or shuts down completely. Several drivers stated that their backup cameras suddenly stop working properly, with the camera unable to display the rear view on the display monitor. Others complained about audio systems that emit loud crackling or popping noises at various times. One driver with a malfunctioning audio system has taken his vehicle to the dealership a total of three times, but no permanent or effective solution has been given. Another owner stated that their 2019 Honda Passport SUV often mistakenly thinks there is a hazard in the road ahead, which will cause the steering wheel to shake and illuminate the brake warning.

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