2019 Ford F-250 Regular Cab Steering System Defect

If you own or lease a 2019 Ford F-250 Regular Cab, you should know that hundreds of customers have lodged formal complaints with the manufacturer about persistent steering system failures in this make and model. The manufacturer has launched four distinct recall campaigns impacting these vehicles, one of which impacts the steering system. However, several customers continue to experience issues once they have obtained the recommended recall repair. For now, several Ford customers are still waiting for clear answers and lasting solutions to these recurring problems.

The driver of a 2019 Ford F-250 Regular Cab reported that this vehicle developed what’s been labeled the “death wobble” while on the freeway. The driver was forced to pull the truck over on the shoulder to avoid a collision. Several other customers have reported similarly harrowing experiences with unpredictable steering and suspension issues that jeopardize occupant safety. Some drivers have reported lasting steering system wobbles and malfunctions even after the dealership has inspected and repaired the recall issues.

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