2019 Ford Escape Engine Troubles

A reliable engine is essential in any vehicle. However, for those who own or lease a 2019 Ford Escape, a range of persistent and inexplicable engine problems have emerged in recent months from consumers who have struggled to find clear solutions to these issues. Malfunctioning spark plugs, leaking coolant, and sudden surges have all been reported, but the manufacturer has yet to issue a single recall that affects this make and model. For now, consumers are trying to understand the source of these recurring problems on their own.

One 2019 Ford Escape driver explained that the engine makes consistently makes abnormal noises when traveling down an incline. The owner has taken the vehicle into the dealership, but no diagnosis or explanation has been found. Another consumer described how he was driving along a highway at night. When stopping for a red light, the engine and electrical system went completely dead, putting the driver and passengers in danger of being run into by other vehicles that could not see them. Multiple reports of spark plugs and coolant needing to be replaced prematurely and frequently have also been reported.

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