2019-2020 Kia Soul SUV Powertrain Problems

Numerous individuals who own or lease a 2019 or 2020 Kia Soul SUV have voiced their concerns over unresponsive power trains and other transmission issues. From loud ticking or grinding noises to transmissions and engines that rev or fail to engage properly, consumers worry that these issues could compromise the vehicle’s safety. Some Kia customers have even been compelled to seek a complete transmission replacement—which is often an an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. So far, Kia has not issued a recall that affects this vehicle, leaving many customers without answers or solutions.

One owner of the 2020 Kia Soul SUV described an experience of driving along a road and slowing to make a right turn. Even though the driver was only going 15 miles per hour, the RPM meter shot up to 4,000. As the driver tried to accelerate, the meter continued to escalate and the engine began to emit a loud noise. When the owner took the vehicle to the dealership, he was told he had to replace the entire transmission, even though he purchased the vehicle only two months ago. Another driver noticed a frequent ticking noise coming from the engine compartment that steadily grew more intense and persistent over time. While stopped at a traffic light, the vehicle suddenly lurched forward, but the driver applied the brakes in time to prevent any damage. The SUV then made a screeching noise and turned off, refusing to restart. Similar complaints continue to emerge, leaving many Kia customers frustrated and confused about their options.

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