2019-2020 BMW X3 Braking System Failures

Many safety concerns regarding braking system failures in the 2019-2020 BMW X3 have been reported in recent months. Drivers of these vehicles report numerous instances of automatic braking system malfunctions that put themselves and others at increased risk of crash or injury. So far, the manufacturer has yet to formally address these complaints, leaving BMW customers without clear explanations or lasting solutions.

One owner of the 2019 BMW X3 reported that their vehicle frequently moves along the roadway with ease but then the automatic braking system engages with no warning or apparent cause. As a result, the braking action propels the driver against the seat belt shoulder and posed a risk to other drivers on the road. Other drivers have reported similar events, with many of them voicing their concerns over this sudden braking motion that puts them at risk for being rear-ended by other vehicles. When these customers take their vehicles to the dealership, no causes or issues are identified. For now, they remain without answers or solutions to these persistent braking system failures.

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