2018 Tesla Model X Electrical System Failures

People who own or lease a 2018 Tesla Model X 60D, 75D, 90D, or P100D SUV have shared a number of persistent electrical issues. From central console screens that suddenly go dark to freezing applications that threaten the safety of drivers, passengers, and others on the road, these electrical problems are difficult to diagnose and often go unfixed. Tesla has not issued a single recall that addresses these electrical problems, and consumers are voicing their concerns so that other drivers of this particular vehicle can be on the lookout for similar malfunctions.

One owner relayed how their vehicle’s central console stopped working for several minutes, making it impossible for the rear doors of the vehicle to open. This could pose a major safety risk to backseat passengers, as they would have no mechanical way to open the door if the central console was not working properly. A malfunctioning central console also prevents the driver from being able to activate the rear defogger, drastically reducing visibility. Another driver stated that the instrument cluster in the vehicle froze for nearly fifteen minutes, causing the display to remain at a speed of 67 mph despite braking and accelerating. The issue was not resolved until the vehicle was completely restarted, and it has occured on subsequent occasions. A number of other electronic system failures have been reported, and consumers are eager for Tesla to step in and address these issues and provide the necessary repairs.

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