2018 Tesla Model S 60D Braking System Failures

Recently, numerous reports of braking system failures have arisen from those who own or lease a 2018 Tesla Model S 60D. Frequent and inexplicable errors with the brake application system have been reported, particularly when the vehicles are using the Adaptive Cruise Control mode. To date, the manufacturer has issued seven separate safety recalls, two of which concern braking system issues directly. However, many Tesla customers say they continue to experience braking system malfunctions long after they have obtained the recommended recall repairs, prompting them to express further concern for their safety behind the wheel.

The driver of a 2018 Tesla Model S 60D stated that their vehicle experiences random hard braking, even when the road is clear, flat, and free of hazards or other vehicles. This individual stated that he was nearly rear ended on more than one occasion because of this issue. Other similar reports of so-called “phantom braking” continue to arise, with Tesla customers eagerly awaiting lasting solutions to these safety risks. Some Tesla customers still experience braking failures or mishaps, even after they have taken their vehicles to the dealer for a full inspection.

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