2018 Subaru Legacy Electrical Malfunctions

A range of consumer complaints involving the 2018 Subaru Legacy have come to light within the last year, many of which detail a number of problems with the vehicle’s electrical system. While Subaru has already issued two recalls associated with this make and model, many drivers are still waiting for the manufacturer to directly address the specific electrical malfunctions they are experiencing.

According to some consumers, their infotainment systems and other electronic displays have completely shut down, malfunctioned, or only worked intermittently since they purchased or leased the vehicle. From backup cameras that do not display properly to dashboard displays that do not accurately show drivers how much fuel they have in the tank, electrical display systems in the 2018 Subaru Legacy are quite problematic for many drivers. One driver even experienced their vehicle completely and unexpectedly shutting off while exiting a highway, nearly causing a wreck. As consumers await clear answers, they express concern over the safety of the 2018 Subaru Legacy.

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