2018 Land Rover Discovery SUV Engine and Acceleration Problems

People who own or lease the 2018 Land Rover Discovery SUV should be aware that a number of complains have recently been reported, many of them in reference to accelerators that fail to respond, lag, or experience significant delays. Other issues with engines that lose power or fail to engage have also been reported. Although the manufacturer has issued two recalls for this vehicle so far, neither one directly addresses acceleration or engine issues.

One driver detailed multiple instances of lagging acceleration after stopping for stop signs or stop lights, often experiencing up to a five-second delay before the vehicle responded to the depressed accelerator. Another owner of the 2018 Land Rover Discovery SUV stated that they’ve experienced a similar issue, but the engine will delay and then suddenly burst forward, putting the driver, passengers, and others on the road in danger of collision. For now, consumers are left without clear answers or solutions for these acceleration problems.

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